How to Add Google Analytics to your Website

Google Analytics is a free website analytical service that allows you to get an in-depth view of who is visiting your website as well as how they are interacting with it. This tutorial will show you how to connect Google Analytics to your website via CloudFlare, which means you’ll need to purchase a custom domain name and add it to your website before you continue. We’ll assume you already set up your website with CloudFlare.

1. Login to your CloudFlare account and select the domain to add analytics to.

2. Click on the “Apps” button, then search for “Google Analytics”.

3. Grant CloudFlare access to your analytics account by clicking the “Google Analytics Login” button towards the middle left side of the page.

3. After you grant CloudFlare permission to view your analytics account info, they will automatically add your analytics snippet to your website.

CloudFlare Google Analytics App

5. (Optional) If you have more than one website added to your analytics account, you can select the correct analytics profile under the “Universal analytics ID” section.

6. Click “Save Changes” and the changes will be added to your website.

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