How to Automatically Add Users to Your Website

Sometimes users need to be assigned a role on your website, but adding every user who visits your site manually is almost impossible. This is why we’ve added the “Join My Multisite” feature to every site. This allows users to add themselves to your website and assign them a role.

Configure Settings

Login to your website’s admin dashboard, hover over the Users link, then click on Join My Multisite. From here, you can configure how you want users to be added to your website as well as what role they should have.

Membership Options:

Automatic – When a user signs in, they will be automatically added to your website without any action on your part.

Manual – Users will have to sign in to your website, then click on a membership prompt that you can place in a widget or a page. You can do so by adding the shortcode shown on the Join My Multisite admin page.

None – Users will not be automatically added to your website. You will need to add each one manually.

Registration Options:

If you would like to create a custom registration page that you would like your users to use, Per-Site check box, then chose your registration page from the drop down menu.

Default Role:

Select which role you would like your users to be assigned if they are added automatically to your website.

  • Administrator – Has access to all administrative options and features.
  • Editor – Can manage and publish posts. Traditionally, editors review posts submitted by contributors and then schedule them for review.
  • Author – Can publish their own posts when they wish.
  • Contributor – Can write posts but cannot publish them. Instead, they need to submit their posts for review.
  • Subscriber – Has basic functionality such as changing their profile and leaving comments.

Save Changes

After you save your changes, users will be able to automatically add themselves to your website without any action on your part.

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